Error en la instalación del paquete para la gema 'abrecartas' en rieles

I am trying to use Ryan Bates 'letter-opener' gem as described in Episode #104 (and in many other places on the web) In every instance I have found, it appears that users are simply including the gem in their Gem file with the traditional ruby gems gemsource. When I attempt this, rails fails to find the gem. I must be doing something wrong, but what?

source ""
gem "letter-opener", group: :development 

Entonces escribo

$ bundle install

and I receive the following message:

Obteniendo índice de origen para Could not find gem 'letter-opener (>= 0) x86-mingw32' in any of the gem sources listed in > your Gemfile.

Gracias por la ayuda!

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It's a common error to mistype a compound-word rubygem with an underscore ('_') instead of a hyphon ('-') or viceversa.

If you ever find this problem, you can go to, and search for the gem's name.

In this case, searching for letter opener devuelve este resultado, which suggests that the gem is actually called letter_opener

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Thank you for the search strategy suggestion too. (But I cannot believe I stared at this line, and still missed the mistake! thanks.) - Dan Oblinger

I'm a victim of this issue frequently, there are even gem names that are separated by a space, but in rubygems their name is a complete word, etc. Your best bet is to search when you have doubts =). Glad I could help - bruno077

utilizado gem 'letter_opener'en lugar de gem 'letter-opener'.

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