ASP.NET MVC3: la publicación excluye mi archivo CSS (.less)

Originally I had my css .less file named Site.less.css so that intelligent type is active. Which worked fine.

I've recently needed to use the @import "Site.less"; ability. And unfortunately this doesn't work with .css on the end, because that would treat it as a CSS file, and not pass the .less parameters.

However, with the name Site.less, the publish (to IIS) feature is not including this file. I assume this is to do with an unrecognised file type? It is included in my solution explorer, and so should be copying it!

How do I get it to copy with publish? ( I can do it manually but shouldn't have to do this every time)

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Are the ".less" file properties set to "content"?

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Respondido 02 Feb 12, 15:02

It is now ! Thanks. Yea, changing the file extension seems to set it to None. se rasca la cabeza. I'll remember this in future. Thanks a lot. Dont suppose you know how do force publishing of an empty folder? I stuck in a blank txt file, but again, surely there is a better way? - IAmGroot

@Doomsknight unfortunately a textfile/image etc. is the only way to do it - Chris S

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