SWFobject, mensaje de visualización para OSX 10.5 y versiones anteriores

Having a problem with SWFObject reporting the correct error message for users running OSX 10.5 and below. (Currently getting the "Unsupported Operating System" swf loaded with links for the user to update there flash player) The problem with this is proceeding to the default links provided causes conflict with OSX 10.5 and below since Adobe directs them to update to Flash 11. Which will not work on that os!

So what I'm trying to figure out is, IF I can detect OSX 10.5 and below with SWFobject and direct them to a 'noflash' method (ie: if you would have no flash installed to begin with).

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SWFObject does not include detection for specific versions of operating systems.

Es posible que desee mirar aquí: Detect exact OS version from browser

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