propiedad de visualización del dojo

I am trying to assign the anything value to the display property as shown below.

dojo.query(".item").style('display', 'anything');

But it is not effecting. Please provide me any suggestion.

preguntado el 09 de marzo de 12 a las 13:03

Bueno, display no puede ser anything. It has to be one of block none inline inline-block -

But otherwise that is syntactically correct. So unless you don't have any elements with class='item' it should work as intended. -

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My guess is that you have to give the .item a display setting in CSS before you can change the setting in the script.

Entonces, si lo haces .item { display:none; } en CSS,

query('.item').style('display', 'block'); in the script will work.

This is how Dojo works for me.

On a side note, consider looking at Dojo 1.7 where you don't use the dojo.method way of coding.

respondido 09 mar '12, 15:03

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