Problema con Rad Studio - Delphi 2010 IDE

Rad Studio 2010 (Delphi 2010) on Windows 7 (64 bit) laptop.

Im probably going to get alot of negatives on this one, cause i just can't seem to figure out how to word the question title or the question itself......but here it goes

I started to get some issues with my code not running within my Rad Studio (Delphi) 2010. I have been days trying to figure out why. Working with one installed package after another, trying to decide if it was the culprit or not. After finally uninstalling all packages, and even uninstalling the entire Rad Studio (and re-installing just Rad-Studio), i can't seem to figure what can be causing my Delphi IDE to act as it does. I even cleaned the registry of all things related to my component package and Rad Studio (before re-installing just rad studio).

Ok, with just a fresh copy of Rad Studio installed i try to write a simple

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
 if opendialog1.Execute then

It compiles, and it builds just fine without any errors, however, when I run the application and i click on the button, i get the following message:

Project1.exe has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

When i click the Close Program button, i get nothing, it just returns to the Delphi 2010 IDE.

If i compile it, i can run the executable.

This is really become a serious issue for me, since i can no longer run or debug code in my IDE without this coming up.

This does not happen i i just create a blank default application without the code, and run it.

Anyone have any suggestions or solutions to my problem?

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Try disabling all your shell extensions. There are known shell extensions that bomb the app if they detect that they are running under a debugger. And showing a file dialog will load shell extensions. -

David has a good idea. I use to get rid of pesky shell extensions. -

Hmmm, thats a great idea. Im kinda a novice when it comes to shell extensions, but ill take a look. -

WOW! I have 254 shell extensions that are all enabled. Where do i begin? Any suggestions? Do disbale them all and start from there, slowinf enabling each one and testing to see if its the culprit? What are the ramafications of disabling everything? Should i be looking for specific things and disabling those? - Thanks -

Disable everything. Your system will work fine. -

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So you have NO third party components or units in any uses clauses?

You tried disabling all anti-virus and malware scanning software temporarily?

Do you have anything like MadExcept or EurekaLog installed? If so, remove them.

If none, then install MadExcept. It will catch exceptions both inside the IDE and inside the target applications.

Secondly, try renaming this registry key:


Rename it to something like:


Next time you run Delphi 2010, your local-user registry configuration section will be regenerated, and reset to installation-fresh defaults.

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No thirdparty components or units in the uses clause of the application. None in the Win32 library path as well (other than those by default installation of rad studio) - YoElite

No MadExcept or EurekaLog either. I should not have to do anything to the registry, since i just did a re-install after uninstalling and cleaning the regestry before hand - YoElite

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