Cuente la cantidad de veces que aparecen palabras clave en una columna de mysql

Ok I have a database table in which i collect the keywords which people use to visit my website, all of these keywords are stored in the column string.

Now what i want to do is count the words and group them by the number of times they are used, so for example if marketing is used six times i want to output to a table Marketing 6.

My problem is not sure if there is a function that will allow mysql to count all of the instances of words and then add them up.

And if not is there a way this can be done?

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This should give you some idea.. :) -

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As far as i have understood your question, you are searching something like this:


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Hi thanks yes but i don't know what the keywords are, so i just need to group all words in the column string by the number of times entered. - user1259446

In my statement KEYWORD is the name of the Column. If yours is string you can exchange KEYWORD by STRING. - DKSan

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