Función que devuelve una lista genérica

I have WPF application project and I'm using EF. I want something like this.

NorthwindEntities nwModel = new NorthwindEntities();
Employees emp;
List mylist = GenericFunc("emp.FirstName"); => returns a List<string>
List mylist = GenericFunc("emp.PostalCode"); => returns a List<int>

public static List<T> GenericFunc<T>(string myfield)

Sorry if I made any mistakes.

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What code do you have so far? What's the question exactly? -

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You'd be better off using LINQ instead of your "GenericFunc" Like so:

List<string> nameList = (from e in emp select emp.FirstName).ToList();
List<int> postCodeList = (from e in emp select emp.PostalCode).ToList();

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If you use a string paramter to represent a filed so :

public static List<T> GenericFunc<T>(string myfield, string TABLENAME)
   return nwModel.ExecuteQuery<T>("SELECT " + myfield + " FROM " + TABLENAME).ToList();

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You got me:p, I want to make a dynamic query(select) ; I've added System.Data.Linq and I still can't use after nwModel.ExecuteQuery<T> ?! - Misión

Here is my original post in WPF forum :… - Misión

My code works LINQ(Dbml context), for EF try : - Amén Ayach

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