¿Teléfonos Android con procesador armv5?

Is there a way of knowing all the android phones that run armv5 processor?

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Posible duplicado: Android os.arch() salida, at least related. -

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returns a String, for example: "armv5tejl" and "armv6l". I don't know what the "L" stands for - ARM never uses it. If you wanted an actual list of all products sold by all companies which are based on an ARMv5 core, that is another question. I have no idea where to find such a list.

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This thread on XDA provides a list of ARM-v5, v6 and v7 devices, might not be exhaustive but should provide base information:


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Como se sugiere en esta entrada del blog, a possible solution would be to read the processor information located on the phone like so :

   String[] args = {"/system/bin/cat", "/proc/cpuinfo"};
   cmd = new ProcessBuilder(args);

   Process process = cmd.start();
   InputStream in = process.getInputStream();

   // TODO: Read information and extract the needed information

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