Función de inicio automático de ASP.Net 4.0 con Mod_Mono

Does anybody knows whether Mono (Mod_Mono) supports the new ASP.Net 4.0 feature called AutoStart?

If it supports, how can I configure Apache2/mod_mono to enable it?

If it doesn't, is an automated script to make a request on every restart of apache2 service the best way to go?

I have searched on the internet but couldn't find anything about Mono supporting the AutoStart (pre-warm) feature.

This feature is discussed in the following links:


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You should first learn Apache. If it does not have a concept like application pool, then auto-start is not applicable at all. -

Yes, I know. But since the Warm Up module is an IIS module and since Apache does support modules, I thought that maybe someone could point me in the right direction. Besides, warm-up sites is a very common necessity and it would be odd if Apache doesn't support it at all. -

Did you ever find out if this was available in Mod_Mono? -

Unfortunatelly no, never. I just got downvoted for even asking... -

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