¿Cómo diseñar mi base de datos?

I want to create a database for soccer scores.

Obviously, we have:

  • Países (Netherlands, Germany, (But also Europe))
  • Competiciones (Eredivisie, Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League)
  • Equipos (FC Twente, Bayern Munchen, Atletico Madrid)
  • JUGADORES (Luuk de Jong, Manuel Neuer, Tiago Mendes)
  • Cerillas (FC Twente - PSV, Bayern - Leverkusen, etc)
  • Eventos (Goal scored in 40th minute by Luuk de Jong)

I'm using Dezign in which I have created the scheme below:

enter image description here

Obviously, a Competition is bound to a Country, a Player to a Team, etc.

But then some problems occur. An Event belongs to a Match and a Player. So the Event could get a match_id y un player_id. But then any player of any team could 'score' in a match in which he doesn't belong (A player of team C could score in a match between team A and team B). How can I restrict this for example?

Also, a Team could compete in its 'normal' competition, but also in the Champions League. Thus, a simple competition_id in the Team entity would not suffice.

And do you suggest any other thoughts?

Edit in response to Philipp enter image description here

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You lack an entity to express the Lineup(team, match) junto con una LineupPosition (lineup, player).

You could then associate an Event con un LineupPosition (specific player in a specific match), thereby linking your Event a la correcta Match, a través de LineupPosition->Lineup->Match.

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See added image in question, you mean something like that? I can see it indeed will work for the player outside the match scoring problem. But how can I restrict more than two Lineups having the same match_id? - nhaarman

No tengo match_id in Lineup, but a home_lineup_id y away_lineup_id in Match instead. This way you can only have two lineups per Match and you don't loose the home/away information. - Felipe Reichart

I've edited the image again. Thanks a lot so far, I do have one last question I think. When I create entries in LineupPosition I can add players from several teams to the same lineup_id. This could come in handy (for example, national teams), but for 'normal' competition matches this should not be possible. Any thoughts on that? - nhaarman

A bit late, but sorry, no idea how to enforce this on the database level. - Felipe Reichart

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