El control de selector de fecha de JQuery UI está predeterminado al 19 de febrero de 1970 en un iPod Touch

I have the following code controlling a JQuery UI datepicker control using JQuery 1.7.1 and JQuery UI 1.8.17. The default date works correctly on all devices except an iPod Touch where the default date is Feb. 19 1970. Has anyone else seen this or possibly found a fix for it? Thanks for any help.

    minDate: 0

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Intente especificar un Date object set to today's date instead:

    minDate: new Date()

respondido 09 mar '12, 15:03

Unfortunately this does not work, it still defaults to 1970, thanks for the suggestion though. - likestoski

You should try DateBox:

it's a plugin for jQM

respondido 09 mar '12, 15:03

Sadly when I navigate to that site to try out the samples the same thing happens. I would bet it's based off the same JQuery UI datepicker. Thanks for the suggestion though. - likestoski

Please update your question with more example code you have tried - phill pafford

To clarify when I navigate to dev.jtsage.com/jQM-DateBox from the iTouch and click the image in the datepicker to select a date the default date is still 1970, this is not an adjustment to my code but the example that is on the dev.jtsage.com site. I'm starting to think this is a limitation/bug int he datepicker control or perhaps the browser on the iTouch. - likestoski

I've used DateBox before and you can set the date to whatever, can you please share you demo site link? what version of jQM are you using? - phill pafford

Unfortunately no this is currently an internal site. I would be curious to know if when you navigate to dev.jtsage.com on your iTouch if this problem does not happen for you. If that's the case then I think it's safe to say something in the iTouch browser/version I have is causing this issue. Again thanks much for your input, I have also used this datepicker control on a PhoneGap app and really like it. - likestoski

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