HTML / Spring / JSP de doble escape

This is what gets rendered in the html source:

<li>Confirm Password doesn&amp;#39;t match password./li>

On the browser, this is read as: Confirm Password doesn&#39;t match password.

This is the code that generates this:

<spring:hasBindErrors name="profileAccount">
  <ul class="errorsList">
    <c:forEach items="${errors.allErrors}" var="error">
      <li><spring:message code="${error.code}"

How can I prevent the double escaping?

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spring:hasBindErrors y spring:message ambos obey the default global HTML escaping setting (either via defaultHtmlEscape as a context param. or via the htmlEscape etiqueta).

El resultado final es que ${error.defaultMessage} will already have been escaped by the time it is passed into <spring:message>. You can work around this by disabling HTML escaping on one (but no the other). Example:

<spring:message htmlEscape="false" code="${error.code}" text="${error.defaultMessage}"/>

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