Desarrollando una aplicación HTML5 con Eclipse IDE

I am looking for a good IDE for developing HTML5 applications. I understand that I can do that with Eclipse, which I already use in my developments.

Currently I use Eclipse Helios Release. Should I download Eclipse Helios Service Release 2, in order to develop HTML5 (with JS)?

Is there anything else I need? Also - can you recommend me good tutorials for developing HTML5 applications with Eclipse?


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Actually, I think eclipse would be best suited for HTML5 development since I find it more responsive than Aptana. You also have the advantage of working with Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python server-side scripting in the same IDE you use to develop HTML5 apps. For me that is a must since a lot of code on my sites lay on the server-side for managing posts and such. Go for aptana, just install the software from the repository and you're good to go. Also install the Javascript, PHP, and web installations.

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Has mirado Aptana? It's a web-development IDE based on Eclipse. I've used it for web development in Javascript and HTML, but not specifically HTML5.

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I read some opinions that Aptana is to big and complicated, and that using Eclipse should be enough. What do you think? - Erik Sapir

I haven't used basic Eclipse for HTML5 editing, but from what I've read, you need the Java EE installation of Eclipse to do so, which is...kinda big and complicated :) I would recommend giving them both a try and see which you prefer. I've really enjoyed working with Aptana, though it certainly can be a bit intimidating with everything it supports. - dormir

I guess there's always Dreamweaver... been using it since 10+ years. Hevan't tried with html5 yet but should work - at least you get a WYSIWYG editor, somethign I haven't seen in Eclipse yet :-(

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Puedes mirar for more information about HTML5. Its developed and maintained by google.

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Funny noob lol "developed and maintained by google". No it's managed and controlled by the W3C. - LukeStoneHm

@LukeStoneHm I think he's talking about - enobayram

how is html5rocks related to an HTML5 IDE discussion? - demesne

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