explorador abierto con javascript / html

Is it possible to open an actual explorer window rather than have the look in directory on your browser? So like the windows key + e window... preferably using html or JavaScript? I've seen it been done in a Firefox add-on called new tab king, but i couldn't figure out how to split up this code.

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Most, if not all, javascript is blocked from interacting with anything outside of the browser. You maybe able to accomplish it with a flash based object. Like they use for some of the copy and paste techniques using javascript.

Its a huge security hole to open up the javascript to the windows environment. I could ust open a hidden file browser and start coping files, or load something on to your system.

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ok, but could you please tell me the how it works with the add-on "newtabking"? - Petr Safar

This is not reliably possible using pure HTML/JavaScript.

In general, website maintainers cannot use JavaScript to force the browser to open an application in a specific way, because that would heavily impact the user experience.

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No, not definitely not using HTML and hopefully not in pure JavaScript.

Probably possible using some horrid ActiveX control in Internet Explorer but you realmente don't want to go down that route.

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