¿Cuál es la diferencia entre el complemento CakePHP 2.x y las carpetas de complementos?

From CakePHP 2.0 on, the folder structure is like this:

-- MyApplicationName
--- app
Declaración de privacidad Enchufar
---- (other folders ...)
--- lib
. . . plugins
--- vendors

¿Hay alguna diferencia entre Enchufar-folder within the app-folder or the plugins-folder within the application root folder?

What's the recommended use of those folders? Or can you use them as you wish?

Sorry if this is a recurrent question, but a quick search didn't provide me any similar questions...

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I do not believe it matters. I think the main reason that there was a folder outside the app folder, was so that it could be shared among different sites (like the core files).

So, use your own discretion.

respondido 09 mar '12, 15:03

exactly - I use the Plugin folder for app specific plugins and the root one for "global" plugins like "Tools" etc. But there is a discussion about removing the root plugin folder maybe in some upcoming cake version. so if you are uncertain you will be better off using the app one! - marca

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