¿Cuál es el mejor marco de JavaScript que puede crear y manipular SVG? [cerrado]

I would like to create visual modelling tools that integrate with Eclipse. I consider SVG to be a good way to represent the visual model, because it is vector based. And also in Eclipse I can use the internal browser as an engine to load svg+ecmascript+javascript+html. But there are so many JavaScript frameworks that utilize SVG, and now I got confused.

I am not so good in JavaScript, but i can use it in basic use. I think the framework must be easy to use, has a lot of examples/tutorials. It also has good documentation and a community where I can ask around.

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Asking for the 'best' anything is a pretty clear indicator that the question is seeking subjective opinions and thus is not appropriate for Stack Overflow (though it may be a good question with otherwise helpful opinions and recommendations). It's even worse when you don't supply your fitness criteria for what 'best' means: fastest runtime? fastest developer time? smallest codebase? great documentation? most popular? least expensive? most permissive open-source license? strong community? fastest support times? most tutorials? -

@Phrogz: I think I have said it explicitly the criteria I want --> " I think the framework must be easy to use, has a lot of examples/tutorials. It also has good documentations and community where I can ask around". Are those not the criteria? Forgive me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure those are my criteria for the framework. -

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I have used Raphael.js and find it quite good and easy to use.


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Para obtener más información sobre el yodo, haga clic en Raphaël.js - una pequeña biblioteca de JavaScript que debería simplificar su trabajo con gráficos vectoriales en la web.

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Please check before posting to avoid duplicate comments as I have already mentioned this. - mbx-mbx

@Magrangs: yes, I did. Sometimes other answers don't appear until you've posted yours, especially when they are posted within ~1min of each other. - maéricos

thanks maeric, i will try this one :) - Agung Pratama

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