cambiar el nombre de las entradas con expresiones regulares

I have inputs with names like this

  <textarea type="text" name="featured[items][58252][hpsummary]" cols="50" class="limit20_120">asdfasdfasfasfdsadfasdfaasdfasfdasfasfasdf</textarea>

and I need to renumber the items I can loop through all the inputs no problem, but I am stuck on how to re number them so that the above would then then be 1 instead of 58252

  <textarea type="text" name="featured[items][1][hpsummary]" cols="50" class="limit20_120">asdfasdfasfasfdsadfasdfaasdfasfdasfasfasdf</textarea>

i can numerate just not sure how to parse it

I was thinking of just splitting the string but i'm not sure if I could use an regex so that I don't have to worry if there are more items on the end or if there is a better way

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I'll just leave this here. Again:… -

@Cfreak i'm not trying to parse the html just the name string -

Maybe use serialize() and post() to send the input names (and values) to the server, parse and re-create them there, then use the results of the post() to replace the inputs? -

@Cfreak while I was thinking of the same comment this question is only about the stuff dentro the name attribute, which is sufficiently regular... -

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¿Algo como esto?

$('.limit20_120').each(function(i){ =\d+/, i+1);

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that would be fine but hpsummary could be anything and more may follow - mcgrailm

if there are number further down stream wouldn't that change them as well ? - mcgrailm

It's a little more verbose, but if you need to restrict the replacement, just add more of the name to the regex, i.e.^featured\[items\]\[\d+\]/, 'featured[items]['+(i+1)+']'); - Chris Pratt

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