Silverlight, relé de servicio WCF y seguridad

I have a silverlight 4 application which needs to consumes some services hosted on a Java (I think CXF) Web Service. For some reasons, I can't access directly the service so I have to go through a relay service. I created a WCF relay service. The service uses SOAP 1.2 and WS addressing 1.0

What I ask is.. what level of security can I reach? The ideal situation is to use a mutual authentication of the server (CXF) and my client. If Silverlight does not support this, the second possibility is to have a "simple" https connection between my silverlight client and my relay server, but then, is it possible to "add" a mutual authentication between the relay and CXF? Or the only possible solution is to have a simple SSL connection with only the server authentication?

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