¿Cómo funciona el método BuildSiteMap ()?

I am working on CustomSiteMapProvider that i have Derived from StaticSiteMapProvider. I have override BuildSiteMap() Method to Build Sitemap.It is working properly, But Can anyone tell me How it is works internally? I have found that It is getting called more than one time. Why is this executing more than one?

How many times does this method get executed?

I have read many artical, But I didnot find any discussion about internal working of BuildSiteMap() Or why it gets executed more than once?

Any idea? Any artical Or link will be appreciated...

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Don't have any relationship to JustDecompile but this should help you out alot


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Por favor lee MSDN


The BuildSiteMap method is called by the default implementation of the FindSiteMapNode, GetChildNodesy ObtenerNodoPrincipal métodos.

If you override the BuildSiteMap method in a derived class, ensure that it loads site map data only once and returns on subsequent calls.

So at some point, system calls FindSiteMapNode, GetChildNodes, and GetParentNode methods. And then BuildSiteMap will be called as well.

Aquí hay otra MS engineer's post

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