agregar un comentario personalizado al producto en el carrito de compras

I need to add the option for users to add a comment against each product in the shopping cart in a similar way to how the wish list works so the comment will then be submitted in the sales confirmation email.

I’ve searched for a solution but can’t find anything compatible with 1.6.

Puede alguien ayudarme con esto ?

Muchas Gracias

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In simplest term what you can do is:
1> Create new tables(one for quote and another for order) with following fields:

id | quote_id | item_id | comment |


id | order_id | item_id | comment |

2> Store the values in quote table during checkout
3> Hook into the event: checkout_type_onepage_save_order in order to transfer the quote data to order table.

Espero que esto te ayude un poco.

respondido 10 mar '12, 07:03

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