Modo de prueba / compatibilidad de Windows IE 7

So, I've just gotten thrown off - I've began degrading a website in IE 7. I've inserted some IE 7 conditionals, and have toyed around with different ways going about it. (I've targeted specifically IE, IE7, IE8 and below.) And have hit an issue where I've I noticed within my Windows IE 7 compatibility mode, that is the ONLY time when my conditionals are being recognized. When I turn off compatibility mode, the site renders broken.

How can I determine how my site will look accross IE 7's??! Which will be read?

preguntado el 09 de marzo de 12 a las 16:03

I don't understand. Can we see some code at all? -

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Did you try using developer tools (F12)=> browser mode and changing it to IE7 instead of using compatibility mode?

respondido 09 mar '12, 16:03

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