jQuery no funciona en el modo Internet Explorer 8 de las herramientas de desarrollo F12

Can anyone see why jQuery isn't working in IE8 mode (from F12 developer tools) on this page:


It works fine in IE9, all recent FF, Chrome etc. I need to get it working in IE8 because a lot of the people who visit the site are using XP with IE8.

If someone does look at it please be aware that it is a long page.

It doesn't seem that even the $(document).ready(function() is running because a simple alert placed in it doesn't come up. I've tried some of the fixes I've found (like making sure all script tags are type="text/JavaScript") but without success.

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I get a message to upgrade my browser in IE9 (IE8 browser mode). -

Smamatti - this has now been removed. It was just used as a test. -

Well it ran/appeared. You wrote: It doesn't seem that even the $(document).ready(function() is running because a simple alert placed in it doesn't come up. -

Smamatti - That wasn't the alert I alluded to. The alert you mentioned came from and included file in the header. kirilloid's diagnosis is correct. I need to find a solution to that now -

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The very first part of inline script have window.addEventListener. IE8 no es compatible addEventListener.

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Disabling that pops up a "Please upgrade your browser message" which you may like to address also. - Alex K.

Sorry Alex, that was something put in to test the browser - it has been removed - marca_54

kirilloid - Thank you you're correct. Can you suggest what I can use instead of it? - marca_54

I believe there are known issues with jQuery 1.6.2 and IE8, try using a later version of jQuery.

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Thanks Lazarus - I'll certainly do that. - marca_54

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