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I have a userform that is opened when a user clicks a button in a worksheet. After clicking the button, if the user inputs some data, then decides to close the form, the previously entered data remains in the form. How can (in code) I get rid of that data so it opens with the default every time the button is clicked?

Currently I just use


when the button is clicked and


when the user hits the cancel button within the form.


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Cambiar form.Hide a Unload Me

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You could catch the closing event and call unload inside like this

Private Sub UserForm_QueryClose(Cancel As Integer, CloseMode As Integer) 
   Unload Me  
End Sub 

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Chuck you don't need to call Unload Me from UserForm_QueryClose(). The user already has a Cancel Button from where he can call the code - Huida de Siddharth

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