PHP, ¿qué es esto? (parece una llamada a una función de objeto usando un nombre de función dinámica)

I want to find a explanation for this code including the name used for it and any offical documentation, but I cant find much on it,

 <?php $objects = $this->module->{'GetObjects'.ucfirst($key).'Array'}(); ?>

It seems to be calling a object function using dynamic value. Any documentation on this or tutorials or information?


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I always wanted to find a good use for variable variables.... I'm still searching. -

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It's called 'variable variables'. check this link:

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When u need to call dynamic methods, you need to put your variable between { }, like in the questions´s example ...

If you are dealing with ordninaries variable, you could use only $$ like:

$var1 = 1;
$var2 = 2;
$var4 = 3;
$var4 = 4;
for ($i = 1; $i < 5; $i++) {

$aux = 'var'.$i;
echo $$aux


This above code shpuld print: 1234

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