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I have a column in my tablix where I manually entered a long nested IF expression (its not in my dataset.) I want to sum the whole column that contains my expression. Is there anyway to do this?

Can I give the tablix column a name, and sum that? Or do I have to take my expressions and add them to my dataset? I rather not do this, because i have 8 datasets, and I would have to add 20 expressions to each one manually.

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Assuming your column's expression is like:


- simply add a similar expression into your summary cell, with sum( ) around it - like so:


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that didn't work. it gave me an error. I don't think you can sum a column that is an expression this way in a tablix (unless you add it to the data set) - tdjfdjdj

What error do you get? (I have tried this with a relatively simple expression in one of my reports and it works OK.) - user359040

@user719825 you most certainly can sum a column like this. My guess is you forgot your closing parenthesis. - Ben Inglés

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