El icono de la aplicación muestra la diferencia

Below is my icon image and icon as it looks on the device screen. They look different, can someone explain why?
enter image description here enter image description here

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You can remove the gloss from the icon by setting a property in your Info tab of the Project setting in XCode.

Set "Icon already includes gloss effects" to YES to remove the Apple provided gloss.

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You have no choice about the rounded corners.

To remove the gloss you must make several changes to your app's info.plist file - one change for iOS 3 and 4, and another set of changes for iOS 5.

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Xcode automatically applies gloss effect to the icons as well as rounded corners.. this looks better than yours.. :) You have any problem?

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well .. i can write a full paragraph stating that i wasn't rude and other important facts... but what the hell...!! now i have got so many down votes..so it is time to be rude:) .. thank you all for your down votes..i really appreciate some of you would have taken -1 to give me -2 rep and some who will be going the extra mile to flag the post..i really appreciate it..makes me feel famous:) .. - Shubhank

P.S.. if you are really not a bot.. then please check his question and my answer again .. i helped him according to his question.. i just stated a fact..didn't mocked him ..i helped hime more than my so called rudeness..!! ..and then tried to ask his real question .. i would have provided him with the changes required in info.plist had he stated he didn't wanted it ..!! - Shubhank

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