¿Hay alguna forma de iniciar una aplicación personalizada en modo de pantalla completa en Android?

Basically i'm developing some sort of restricted launcher. I would like to be able to open for example native android Date Time Settings from my android application in fullscreen mode(so that notification bar would not be visible).

If it was my own activity - no problem - either xml for or requestWindowFeature.

But how to do it if i'm launching another intent? :

startActivity(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_DATE_SETTINGS));

Any way to pass in some kind of flags?

Una forma de hacer esto es usar grupo de actividad :

LocalActivityManager mgr = getLocalActivityManager();
Intent i = new Intent(Settings.ACTION_DATE_SETTINGS);
Window w = mgr.startActivity("unique_per_activity_string", i);
View wd = w != null ? w.getDecorView() : null;

This works fine, but as i want to mess with android native settings, i must have the android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS to be able to save those settings. And i cannot acquire this permission unless my app runs as system.

¿Alguna idea?

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I had same problem, do you have solution for this, please share -

¿Alguna solución para este problema? -

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