Devolver un valor en Pascal

For a function to return a value in Pascal the assignment FunctionName := SomeVal; is used. I assume it doesn't stop the function execution in that exact place as return in C does. Is there something similar to C return in Pascal? (I'm using FreePascal compiler)

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Just FYI: The FunctionName := SomeVal; syntax is antiquated; the current syntax is Result := SomeVal;, Donde Result is an automatically available variable of the proper data type to match the function declaration. For instance: function Test: Integer; begin Result := 10; end;. -

Ken White: In Free Pascal, result is afaik only supported in Delphi and delphi-like dialects. (-S2/-Sd). Other pascal's haven't adopted the Delphi centric result either, or only for compatibility modes. The last Pascal standard still documents this -

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You can use the Exit procedure.

function Foo (Value : integer) : Integer;
  DoSomethingElse();   // This will never execute

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+1, never heard about this syntax! However might be good to put a line after the Exit with some comment that the line after Exit won't be performed. - TLama

+1 this is a nice syntax, helps to avoid the dreaded Result + Exit combo. Basically the equivalent of "return". - Thomas

In canonical pascal (without keyword Exit) you can emulate return via goto:

   function Foo (Value : integer) : boolean;
   label return;
      if Value < 0 then
          Foo := false;
          goto return;
      Foo := true;

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I think you can use either the function name itself, "result" o el Exit(), but I've only used the result identifier, so don't know if the others will work for you:

function Foo(a, b: Integer): Integer;
    result := a + b;

Espero que ayude ^^

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The return code of the end of every program is stored in the EAX register. So you can use Assembly inline on Pascal to return wherever you want to end the program running using!

 mov eax,%ERROLEVEL%

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That's what you compiler will do after the compilation! Followed by a RET - Victor Melo

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