¿Se pueden enviar las variables POST en una codificación elegida por el usuario? (no UTF-8)

I am writing a log in script and i was wondering if it's possible for someone to post characters other than UTF-8 to my script. My reason is i know MySQL's function: mysql_real_escape_string is 100% effective on UTF-8 but not sure on other encoding.

If this is a PHP.ini kind of thing, what's it called?

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I believe if a user overrides the character encoding set by the page (i.e. View->Character Encoding->xxxxx in Firefox), then the data POSTed will use that encoding. However, there is a very small list of characters that can be used to perform a SQL injection attack, and I think mysql_real_escape_string takes care of those - input encoding shouldn't matter, it's about how MySQL interprets the characters.

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