transmitir un objeto AWS S3 en binario

From what I found both libraries aws-sdk y aws-s3 (Ruby) provide methods to download S3 object data only in string chunks. I'd like to be able to read it in binary chunks, so that it resembles file I/O and be more efficient. Does anyone know if there is a supported way to do it? One hack that I thought about is creating an access URL for the S3 object (S3 functionality) and download the file with some HTTP client library. What's a good library for that in Ruby?

P.S.: I need to stream data, so that I can decrypt files on-the-fly. AWS has client-side encryption library only in Java SDK.

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The aws-sdk gem has since this question was originally posted added support for client side encryption. -

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So, it turns out in ruby (since 1.9?) a string of encoding ASCII-8BIT is used as a binary block, so you have to work with that. P.S.: net/http is a ruby http client library that can be used to read response body.

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