Eclipse: acabo de desinstalar Java 1.7 (todavía tengo Java 1.6 en mi máquina), pero ahora Eclipse no reconocerá ningún elemento de Java

I'm extremely confused about how to set up Java on Eclipse. I don't get how classpath/system variables/etc all works. I set my Java compiler settings from 1.7 to 1.6 after I uninstalled 1.7 (I still have 1.6). But it's still not working. Any help?

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Have you gone to Window>Preferences and set your compiler compliance level to 1.6? Does your project have a project-specific compiler compliance level? Do your settings point to the correct JRE? -

What do you see in Preferences > Java > Installed JREs? -

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Open Eclipse. Follow Project => Properties => Java Build Path.

Come onto Bibliotecas tab and on the right hand side you will see some buttons, click Agregar biblioteca.

Seleccionar Biblioteca del sistema JRE and click "Next" button. By clicking on Installed JREs button you will see the JREs that your Eclipse recognizes. If the JRE version is not visible there, you can use "Add" button to add a new JRE, and make sure you set the path of new JRE correctly. Sample path on my machine: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6

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Probably you have to set up classpath:, or may be you have only JRE (not JDK)?

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