¿Las etiquetas html tienen números en las especificaciones?

just wondering, I need a numbered way of identifying certain HTML tags. Now I could do this in an arbitrary way myself but would rather use whatever official table I can find. So, my question is: Is there an official numbered list of HTML tags like some periodic table of them (bad example?) in official or sudo-official documentation?

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Can you more clearly describe your goals and what problems you're having? HTML tags already have an identifier - the tag name itself. Why must you use numbers? I can't understand what you're after and I have doubts that anyone else will either. -

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La especificación HTML4 tiene una official list of elements

The HTML5 spec also has an official list of elements

And, people have written an unofficial periodic table containing the HTML5 elements, but of course that's a little tongue in cheek

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Hah, you even got me a periodic table. You sir, are the (explosive) rubix cube. - PLAZOtm

@Gareth, Periodic table «no longer available» by supplied URL( - diomas

I haven't ever seen anything but the tag name used in the HTML 4 and HTML 5 specs. Occasionally various sections in a language spec will be referenced by number, but for HTML the tag name is a strong enough identifier in nearly any scenario. Why make it ambiguous by abstracting that?


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You see, I have a program that will work with DOM tags a lot, I wanted to retrieve (lets just say) wrappers for instance. Storing them all as objects in an array is much cheaper and easier than storing them in object by name. - PLAZOtm

@TERMtm - That makes sense. However, in that scenario a hashtable would be superior to an array for rapid lookup since it doesn't require O(n) operations to find the item. You could use either integers or strings as the keys. - tim medora

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