Xcode se bloquea cuando hay un conflicto en el guión gráfico

I committed my changes to git and then asked my teammate to pull from the repository. When he did a pull, it showed a conflict with storyboard. If he clicks on the storyboard file in order to resolve it, Xcode crashes.

Are we doing something wrong here or is Xcode just really buggy?

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Well, XCode 4 is really buggy, but if there was a git conflict then the file may be in a weird state related to the conflict/merge. Try to resolve that first then reload the storyboard and see what happens.

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Are are you suggesting using something like git mergetool to resolve the conflicts ? - Sumanth Ravipati

You could give that a try, yes. I would have thought something like that was built into XCode 4, but I don't know, as I don't use git. Sorry I can't be of more help! - QED

nopes..there seems to be a bug in xcode code..it crashes when trying to do a diff - Sumanth Ravipati

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