averigüe si la cadena comienza con "vybe" seguida de números en javascript [cerrado]

I want to know how to find out if a string starts with "vybe" followed by numbers..like this : "vybe1232", in javascript. Would this be done using regex?

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yes. something like /^vybe[0-9]{4}/ -

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var str = "vybe1234";
var re = /^vybe\d+$/
console.log( re.test(str) );
  • ^ start of a string
  • vybe match the characters
  • \d+ match one or more digits
  • $ fin de cuerda

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I'd remove the end-of-string, op didn't actually specify that. Good answer though. - Madbreaks

Yes, you can use a regexp, with String.match():

if (myString.match(/^vybe\d+/)) {
    // it matches!

Your question was slightly ambiguous about the fin of the string - if you want it to , solamente contain the prefix and digits, put a $ antes de la final / personaje:

if (myString.match(/^vybe\d+$/)) {
    // it matches!

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Use una expresión regular simple:

 var str1 = 'vybe1234', 

 alert( str1.match(re) ); // shows "vybe1234" match
 alert( str2.match(re) ); // shows "null" no match

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