Android: cómo colocar exactamente una imagen dentro de un botón normal

Im trying to place an icon thats 16x16 pix within a normal button that I have in a layout. This button also uses another png for its background. The problem I have is not placing it within the button but placing it where I want. When I add it using the following code it places the drawable at the bottom but exactly on the edge of the image which looks terrible.


What I would like is to create a button in my layout that possibly has some padding from the bottom but there is no such method or xml attribute that does such a thing the way I would like. Its only left right top or bottom and when I added padding it only placed padding between the bottom of the text in the button and the top of the drawable.

So how can I accurately place an image within the button itself.

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I think you can adjust the paddings for the image with android:padding, android:paddingBottom and its like. -

As far as i can see you can only add padding which places the drawable to far to the edge of the button -

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I think you can use android:padding for aligning to a greater extent & use android:paddingTop/Right/Left/Bottom to get the exact postion.It would be much easier.

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That did the trick.....I just added paddingBottom="10dip" and it put it right where I wanted. Now hopefully in some testing on hardware it ends up in the same place - james andresakis

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