Usando entidad Html en una etiqueta

How do I add an html entity within a label. I am using ZK Ajax Framework. For e.g.,

<hlayout hflex="1">
      <toolbarbutton label="More" /><html:b style="color: blue;">&amp;raquo;</html:b>

I am adding a html element next to the toolbarbutton. Instead, I want to add it within the label of the toolbarbutton itself.

Gracias Sony

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It's not supported by ZK out of the box: look at component reference for the "toolbarbutton" - it doesn't support any children.

respondido 14 mar '12, 10:03

"toolbarbutton" - it doesn't support any children. yes you are right but in above code it does not have any child. look again :) - user1122857

@Aman The idea was that if you want to add something to toolbarbutton - like an ampersand with a quote - it's not supported out of the box. And, yes, I think I didn't get the markup right :) - artem oboturov

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