¿Qué gráfica debería representar un conjunto de datos con 2 variables?

say I have the following data:

CAR_TYPE, #rentals, AMOUNT
CLASS_1    350      $0.7M
CLASS_2    220      $1.3M
CLASS_3     55      $0.4M

What graph would you use in order present this data? One option would be a pie-chart but as you can see from the data, the charts would be totally different --depends on the emphasis: numer of rentals or Amount.

Q: In general, having 2 variables for one TYPE what should be the preferred graph.

*I'm trying to achieve this in matlab (or python) but the concept is more important now then the actual implementation.

Muchas gracias!

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For 2 variables (x, y) associated with each type (point) I would use a scatter plot. I would prefer a scatter plot if there are a lot of points (say 100). So the x-axis could represent #rentals, the y-axis could represent AMOUNT, and the intersections could represent the car types.

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You can use a bar/column chart that looks like this:


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Puedes utilizar una 3D bar plot as presented in this exemple of matplotlib in python!

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