¿Cómo puedo subir un tema html5 a mi sitio web? [Cerrado]

i had asked my friend to make me a theme for my website and he said he created it using html5 and css and now he is on vacation for 2 months and i really need to update the site i have access to my ftp and i have all the files can some guide me on how to do this.

I have been using wordpress for my themes but it is to outdated and i found out that wordpress does not support html5 themes is there a program that does or do i need to add the files manually

I have looked around for tutorials on the internet but i couldn't find anything if anyone can tell me where i can find a good one that would be of great help

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Wordpress can't not support themes due to HTML5. -

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If he Developed it for wordpress (files with extension .php) you just compress it to zip file and from themes choose upload

respondido 10 mar '12, 04:03

no he didn't develop it for wordpress right now I'm trying to use dreamweaver to upload to my site but i can't figure it out - amarillo

So you can't upload the theme it must be developed - Mostafá Maklad

If you have HTML and CSS files, all you need to do is put them on the server. Call your webhost and they will tell you where to put them.

respondido 10 mar '12, 05:03

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