PayPal WPP requiere la biblioteca PHP cURL. (Actualmente usando cURL no encontrado)

On the Ubercart module, whenever I enable PayPal it gives me this error:

PayPal WPP requires the PHP cURL library. (Currently using cURL Not found)

No tengo idea...
Can some one please tell me how to handle this problem...

Note: OS-windows 7, Drupal version:6

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.... try installing/enabling curl? -

Is that(cURL) library or module? -

run a phpinfo() and this will tell you what modules and extensions are loaded -

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WampServer on your taskbar
Php Extentions
enable php_curl

It's work.

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You need to enable curl in your PHP setting files.

If its a shared hosting, do it by contacting your webservice.

Depending upon what your software is, in Wamp, your do it by clicking on that task icon -> PHP settings -> Curl

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what are you using? wamp? or independent apache/php/mysql? - linuxfácil

I had same problem yesterday. Solution (Worked for me):

1.- Uncomment the following line in php/php.ini


2.- Restart Apache

It's probably the step after TerryE's solution.

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PayPal requires an outside connection to the internet for the exchange of data. WAMP doesn't provide it ( referring to Ubercart website )

  • It works with XAMPP (tested by me, from Wamp exported same files and db to Xampp)

  • It should work when you upload to the real site(reported by some users).

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