Problema de Javascript en varios navegadores [cerrado]

I have programmed a simple Jquery ticker (using a pre-made Javascript) to display tweets and other things. It is working fine with Firefox, Chrome, IE9/10 but not with IE8 and older versions. I have no experience with Javascript so I can't find why this append doesn't work with IE8

.append('<div style="opacity: 1;" class="tweet_row" id="' + 
        settings.dom.tickerID.replace('#', '') + 
        '"><span><!-- --></span><div id="' + 
        settings.dom.contentID.replace('#', '') + 
        '"></div><div id="' + 
        settings.dom.revealID.replace('#', '') + 
        '"><span><!-- --></span></div></div></div>');

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Echa un vistazo a Maybe it is IE8 specific -

I doubt that it's the problem, but your <div> y </div> tags are unbalanced. -

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Gracias a nnnnnn to problem was solved , <div> and </div> tags were unbalanced I didn't think this may cause the problem

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