Ruby 1.9.3 instalado, pero todavía dice que estoy ejecutando Ruby 1.8.7

I just used RVM to update my Ruby version to 1.9.3 from 1.8.7. Everything compiled and worked perfectly (as far as I can tell, no errors from RVM or anything), but when I type ruby -v, my machine tells me I'm still running 1.8.7. Did I miss a step in my installation? I'm running OSX Lion.

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¿Cuál es la salida de echo $PATH? ¿Qué tal rvm current? -

I also had a similar obstacle, once I restarted terminal session the Ruby -v updated to 1.9.3 from 1.8.7 -

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Pruebe lo siguiente

rvm use 1.9.3
ruby -v

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Thank you so much! Guess I missed that step. Will accept the answer when SO will let me. - Albañil

Here is how I install ruby 1.9.3 and make sure it persists across shells:

\curl -L | bash # install rvm
rvm use ruby-1.9.3-p448 --install  # install ruby 1.9.3
rvm --default use ruby-1.9.3-p448  # set ruby 1.9.3 as the default version

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