WTL 8.1 y Visual Studio 2010 Premium

I have a weird problem with VS 2010 (Premium).

  • just reinstalled it
  • added the WTL library files
  • installed the WTL wizard
  • created a "dialog" project via the WTL wizard
  • compiled and run the skeleton successfully
  • added a button to the dialog
  • compilation now fails complaining about undefined symbols (the button IDC_xxx)
  • turned off pre-compiled headers
  • cleaned solution, recompiled and run successfully
  • added the "onClick" handler for the button (just by double clicking on the button, no code added)
  • compilation fails complaining that CUpdateUI no está definido
  • clean, reanalyze the solution, etc. doesn't solve the issue

If I manually insert #include's (e.g. atlframe.h para CUpdateUI) I can make it work but this defeat the purpose of using VS2010!

What really annoys me is that I havent touched a single line of code, everything has been done through VS which, I hoped, should have cared for consistency!

Is it my fault? WTL fault? VS Fault? Any suggestion on how I could fix this?

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Ok, solved thanks to the awesomeness of Stack Overflow!

It seems there's a bug in the WTL 8.1 Wizard. It doesn't define the WTL_USE_CPP symbol that is needed to make everything work correctly.

Dirígete aquí:

¿Cómo puedo instalar WTL 8.0 Project Wizards en VS 2010?

and read Yiannis Spyridakis answer for the solution, if you have the same problem.

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