¿Por qué aparecen algunos símbolos de moneda detrás del número?

I have a sum of money like this:

؋321,000 (AFN)

Pero el ؋ sign is being rendered behind the number although I put it in front.

Why is that so? And how do I fix this in a proper way?

preguntado el 10 de marzo de 12 a las 09:03

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؋ is a symbol of right to left language. so whatever the things you type after that will appear before it.

respondido 10 mar '12, 09:03

Are the prices also written with the symbol behind? - Desbordamiento de preguntas

that's how those languages behave.if you need to try and see type it in the Google search box and see what is happening :) - Chamika Sandamal

Thanks, yes, I get the right to left part, just wonder whether the position of the currency symbol is correct. Or they actually put it 'behind', making it appearing in front. - Desbordamiento de preguntas

Then we have the Scandinavian countries who all write their currency after the value, but still write sentences left-to-right, ex: 100kr, 10,00kr - Diseño de Adrian

@DesignbyAdrian: Is it a reason for downvote? kr is not a symbol of right to left language. so it will appear as you type in left to right. once you enter right to left symbol, rest of the sentence follow the same. - Chamika Sandamal

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