¿Una forma fácil de obtener estados de Facebook desde una página en particular en PHP?

I need to grab the statuses from a Facebook page via PHP to display on the page. I don't want to have people logging in to facebook just for my script to grab the statuses from the page since it is a public page and isn't restricted. I have the Facebook API for PHP in my projects directory but have no idea how to use it to do what I want it to. Could someone give me a code example of how I'd do this? Thanks!

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It's really a straight forward task if you follow the documentación. Desde /PAGE_ID/feed requires any valid access_token, your app access_token is enough to get the data:

  1. Abra la Graph API Explorer (I'm querying coca-cola/feed)
  2. conseguir una applicación access_token from the Herramienta de token de acceso and use it instead of yours
  3. Ya terminaste!

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Only problem is that the access token there expires in an hour. Any way of making it not expire for a month? - user775171

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