¿Cómo instalar el módulo knitr en Lyx 2.0.3?

I just installed Lyx 2.0.3 on my iMac and MacBook Air. When trying to open a *.lyx document on the iMac I get the following error-message:

"The module knitr has been requested by this document but has not been found in the list of available modules. If you recently installed it, you probably need to reconfigure LyX."

On the MacBook Air everything runs fine without any errors.

Any ideas how to install the knitr-module manually?

Muchas Gracias

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The only requirement of the knitr module in LyX is R: you have to make sure the executable Rscript is in your PATH; you can test it by:

which Rscript

If you see the path to Rscript, you are ready to go (Tools-->Reconfigure); otherwise you have to tell LyX where is Rscript (add the path to PATH prefix):

change path in lyx

then reconfigure LyX.

You can get the path to Rscript by executing this in R:


Respondido 26 Jul 13, 23:07

shouldn't he also do install.packages('knitr') in R ? - XuWang

oh yes, he should, and that is the next step; first he needs to make sure the knitr module is available, and that only requires R to be available - Yihui Xie

Thanks a lot guys. Worked like a charme. - murek

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