Cómo evitar el escalado de una página web

I am designing a web page that occupies only 80% of the horizontal space. On restoring the browser, the web page scales down automatically which makes it look very cluttered. I want that even on resizing the browser window, the web page does'nt get scaled but just gets scrollable. That is its size remains the same and it can be scrolled.

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can you show the code/website/screenshot etc so we can see the problem. -

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If you want a fixed width you need to set a width if you didn't already.

body { width: 900px; }

could do it, unless there are more styles which override it.

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hey, maybe you have'nt understood the question. i have huge stylesheets attached to the webpage for defining the width etc. but if a user scales his browser, the web page scales which i want to avoid. if u scale down your browser and open google or facebook, the web page does'nt scale down, but you have to scroll to view all the contents of google/facebook! thats what I am hoping to do. - Yash Upadhyay

@YashUpadhyay Do you mean using the browser-specific zoom functionality (Like Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- in Firefox) or simply resizing the window? - Simón Lindgren

@YashUpadhyay And Google doesn't use a completetly fixed width either. - Simón Lindgren

@YashUpadhyay This makes for a completely different question than what you posted originally. You should edit your question. - Señor lister

If you want to prevent the user from scaling the page by pressing Ctrl +, Ctrl - or Ctrl Mousewheel, maybe the following piece of code can work for you:

document.body.addEventListener("keydown", (event) => {
    if (event.ctrlKey) { event.preventDefault() }

This will prevent the user from using the Ctrl key, so any functionality related to that would be lost.

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