solaris 10 claves cómo hacerlas funcionar

I am new on Solaris 10. I am using putty to connect to it. I am more used to linux. I am trying to do somethings in Solaris like backspace, upkey to previous commands executed. some posts suggest that i use Bash. well I dont know how to switch from ksh to bash.

another issue is that i am used to have the whole path on my cmd prompt but here i only have $

How can I change this for me. I want to use the up arrow key to view my old commands, I want TAB to give me th directories or files in the working directory and I want to see the whole path of the PWD i am in.

¿Hay alguna manera?

Gracias por la ayuda


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Esto debería ser suficiente:

PS1='\w $ ' exec bash --noprofile --rcfile /dev/null

Here is what this command is doing:

  • PS1='\w $ ' : set the prompt to show your current directory
  • exec bash : substitute the currently running shell by bash
  • --noprofile --rcfile /dev/null : suppress predefined customizations

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thanks for the reply, i will try that. Can you please tell me what this command means as well so that I know what is it that I running. Thanks - sarmahdi

had an issue but solved it myself ...(was adding a comment so had to add this) - sarmahdi

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