Emacs cambia el tamaño de las ventanas verticales con el mouse

I am using Emacs on GUI and I like both vertical and horizontal split windows.

In order to resize horizontal windows, I just grab (with the mouse) the name of the buffer and drag it up and down.

With vertical windows, I can't do that, though. I can't grab the scrollbar, there is no "slider". I know I can use C-X {y C-X }, but these shortcuts are very unnatural, and I'd like to do it with the mouse.

¿Hay alguna forma de que pueda hacer eso?

Image describing the problem

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The status bar between two top windows is draggable.

edited screenshot

respondido 10 mar '12, 13:03

Thank you! That was hard to reach for, but it's much better now! - David Gomes

@user996056 it seems if you turn off scroll bar you dont need to go that far to resize. Most of the people turn off scroll bars in emacs (scroll-bar-mode -1) - un poco de héroe

yeah, except it doesn't work if there are more than two columns! - Michael

@Michael, what do you mean? Both with and without scroll bars, I'm able to grab the place pointed to by the red arrow for each of the column separators. (Using emacs-24.5.1 on win10.) - r2evans

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