Admite pantallas con la misma resolución pero con diferentes DPI

I need my app to support 480x800 normal hdpi y 480x800 large mdpi screens. The UI for them is lo mismo. The matter is using dp in this case is a wrong way because on hdpi device everything becomes larger. But I need just scalable UI.
Is it possible I provide that by using single version of layout files?

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use 2 set of images and put in the 1.x mdpi and other in 1.5x hdpi

here 1 and 1.5 is size ratio

only one layout xml file is enough.

EDIT: //while design keep in mind with 1x that is mdpi

//for example if you set 5dp for you mdpi resolution

it will automatically change for hdpi as

5*240/160=7.5 px  //for hdpi
5*320/160=10 px   //for xhdpi

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ok, if I use 10dp padding it is larger on hdpi... so, layout is not scalable - Serguéi Metlov

thanks but I need something like percentage. for example set width of element to 5% of screen width or like this.. to make the app looks equal on all the screens without writing many separate layout files - Serguéi Metlov

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