Problema de jQuery y encadenamiento

I'm a jQuery rookie and maybe I'm about to ask a very basic question, but I'm really struggling while figuring out why jQuery chaining doesn't work in my case.

var container = $('#container'),
items = container.find('ul.items'),
moreItems = items.children('li.moreItems');

var config = {
container : container,
items : items,
moreItems : moreItems

var app = myApp(config);

function MyApp(config) {
this.container = config.container;
this.items = config.items;
this.moreItems = config.moreItems;
this.current = 0;

MyApp.prototype.myUsefulFunction() {

Let's suppose I have a div#container filled with ul elements that have more than one li each. I'd like to access to the n-th li and fade the element in, but the console throws me back an error, stating fadeIn has no such method. Can you please help me sort it out?

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Did you mean this instead? MyApp.prototype.myUsefulFunction = function() { this.moreItems[this.current].fadeIn(); } -

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jQuery returns a jquery object, which is a sort of array containing DOMELements.

Cuando tu lo hagas: this.moreItems[this.current] you actually extract the DOMElement from the jquery array --> you have to turn it into a jquery object to be able to call fadeIn() !


También puedes usar .eq(index) to filter the matched set to the only element corresponding to the index:



Apart from that, the piece of code you show in your question has several syntax errors:

  1. To add a function to the prototype, you should do:

    MyApp.prototype.myUsefulFunction = function() {}

    y no MyApp.prototype.myUsefulFunction() {}

  2. Utilice el new operator to return a new instance of MyApp

    var app = new MyApp(config); // also spelling mistake: myApp != MyApp !!

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To make a jQuery method for chaining you need to extend jQuery.fn

$.fn.myUsefulFunction=function() {
    return this.each(function(){


You can now use this as you would any other jQuery method


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Fuera de contexto:

  1. For create instance of class you need use Un nuevo:

    var app = new myApp(config);

  2. miAplicación y MyApp is a different variables.

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